Lanier Cluster Education Foundation

After a generous and supportive partnership with the North Gwinnett Schools Foundation, the Lanier Education Foundation is going to stand on its own.

When the North Gwinnett cluster was divided into two new clusters, North Gwinnett and Lanier, the North Gwinnett Schools Foundation was exceptionally generous in offering to serve and support both clusters for multiple years.  However, the Lanier cluster has experienced a great amount of community excitement and support very quickly, and developed enough independent strength to create its own identity and charitable organization, the Lanier Education Foundation.

The North Gwinnett Schools Foundation generously voted to continue to support students that were formerly in the North Gwinnett Cluster by sharing their endowment based on the percentage of students that came to the Lanier Cluster. Their support is a huge part of the reason we are able to forge forward with a Lanier Education Foundation to uniquely serve our schools.  The Lanier Education Foundation will now support all schools in the Lanier cluster, including Lanier High, Lanier Middle, Sugar Hill Elementary, Sycamore Elementary and White Oak Elementary.

You can donate to the Lanier Education Foundation through the GCPS Foundation: . To make donations you would need to click on Make a Donation, then Give Today, then choose the amount and then on the drop down menu for Gift Designation they should Lanier Cluster Schools.   You can get to the Gift Designation page directly by clicking here, and then select “Lanier Cluster Schools” from the Gift Designation.  **Many large companies offer gift matching, so please be sure to check!

Our initial Foundation President will be Lisa Ramsay, and correspondence can be mailed to her or the Foundation at Lanier High School:

Lanier Education Foundation
c/o Lanier High School
918 Buford Highway
Sugar Hill, GA 30518


The Lanier Education Foundation will help the Lanier Cluster schools to empower students to achieve at high levels and foster their learning through academics, leadership, service, and extra-curricular activities that will positively impact their community and prepare them for a post-secondary career and/or the work force.

More information will follow regarding contact information, donations, gifts, supports, etc. over the Summer of 2011